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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is "Detailing"?

Automobile detailing refers to the professional cosmetic maintenance and thorough cleansing of your vehicle, to renew and preserve the original showroom appearance and maximum value, even after years of service. It's definitely not just a wash and vacuum. Detailing can include claying, polishing, and waxing, dusting, applying chemical cleaners, degreasing, carpet extraction and much more.

Why choose Rejuvenators Detailing?

We are mobile.

We come to wherever you are. At home or work, we bring the water, electricity, chemicals, tools, and anything else we might need.

We only use high-quality tools, materials and chemicals.

Carpet extractors, rotary polishers, dual-action buffers, lots of brushes and q-tips... we are completely equipped with and trained in the proper operation of all the tools needed to provide the highest quality detail.

We only use chemicals from professional detail suppliers with years in the business, are completely bio-degradable, leave behind no heavy residue or odor, and achieve superior results. We are so confident in our chemicals, that we use them on our own vehicles.

We are experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

We have tried dozens of products and done hundreds of hours(literally!) of research to find the best processes to detail your vehicle.

We are professional, courteous, and friendly.

Finding a professional company that is friendly and personable is hard today. We believe that our customers are #1 and that your convenience is our goal. We try to reflect this in everything, from our services to our company culture. Everything we do is focused on providing our customers with the most pleasurable experience to make your life easier and simpler.